With the highest stable R-value per 25mm of thickness, Lambdaboard not only reduces construction costs, but also the long-term costs associated with heating and cooling a building.

This environmentally friendly insulating board will help you to lower energy consumption, while creating a visually pleasing finish.


  • reduces energy usage
  • long-term insulation properties
  • highest stable R-value per 25mm of thickness
  • environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • moisture and wind resistant
  • resistant to solvents used in construction adhesives
  • visually pleasing
  • superior performance in fire tests
  • wide service temperature range (-30℃ to 140℃)
  • thermoset material does not melt, drip or spread flame
  • high compressive strength
  • can be skimmed

Generally used for:

Insulating industrial, commercial and domestic buildings. It can be installed in the following ways:

  • over-purlin
  • vertical cladding
  • under screed (the finishing coat of cement that levels a floor)
  • cavity wall
  • curtain wall
  • ceilings
  • under soffit
  • ducting


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